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The World’s First Cannabis Adventure Park with a focus on Education, Research & Charity

What’s the differences?


  • Plant Name: Cannabis Sativa
  • High Quantity of CBD, CBG, CBN, etc
  • Low Quantity of THC (Must be 0.3% or less)
  • No psychoactive effects, won’t make you feel “high”
  • Legalized in all 50 states by the 2018 Farm Bill


  • Plant Name: Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica
  • High Quantity of THC (Even higher for Cannabis Indica)
  • Lower Quantity of CBD, CBG, CBN, etc
  • Psychoactive effects, you will feel “high”
  • Legal in at least 33 states medically, 11 recreationally

“Industrial Hemp is also known as Cannabis Sativa.” – Big Canna World

We are on a mission here at Big Canna World to educate about Cannabis, its amazing benefits and share that with anyone who wants to learn. Come experience a uniquely hands-on experience where you can see, touch and feel different types of Cannabis products while enjoying North Carolina’s beautiful mountains.

Help us build a non-profit adventure park and help Big Canna World supporting cannabis educational and medical research charities. We need your support to build this dream into a reality for everyone. Please join us and share with your friends & family to help us make this a reality.

Can’t everyone just get along? ❤️

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